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Hi mama, I'm so glad you're here.

My name is Amanda Littlejohn. I have a masters degree in Occupational Therapy, extensive education in core and pelvic health and maternal wellness, and am a trained birth doula and postpartum practitioner.  I am also a wife, and mother to 3 young children. And thus, I am no stranger to the twists and turns innate to becoming a mother. 


When we started our family, it became clear to me that there was a huge gap in our health care system. During pregnancy my care, though abundant in quantity, lacked empathy and connection. My preferences for birth were met with resistance, suspicion, and indifference. And when I expressed concerns about my physical and emotional state in the postpartum time, the resounding message  from medical and lay people alike was, "well, you had a baby...what else did you expect?"

And at the time, I didn't really know the answer to that question; no one had ever shown me an alternative. But I knew there had to be one. There had to be a place where my experiences as a woman in the throws of becoming a mother were not dismissed and invalidated. A place that not only gave me honest information about my body and my baby, but also honored my position as the final authority over what was best for me and my family, and empowered me to make those decisions. Where I could gain skills and confidence in how to integrate my life before with my new identity as a mother. 


This was how The Woman's Well was born. I believe that the influence of mothers is immeasurable and eternal. I know that if mothers and families can be treated with the reverence and care that they deserve, be resourced in the ways that they need and honored by their communities, they will have the foundation to flourish. This is my vision for all mothers, and this is my hope for you. I am deeply honored that you are here. I hope to see you at The Well.

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Serving West Los Angeles and the South Bay:

Torrance  •  Redondo Beach  •  Hermosa  •  Hawthorne  •  Palos Verdes  •  Carson  •  Gardena  •  San Pedro  •  Inglewood

El Segundo  •  Culver City  •  Santa Monica  • Westchester  •  Manhattan Beach  •  Playa Del Rey  •  Marina Del Rey  •  Venice

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